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We can help you with Cases in Immigration, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation.


Immigration Attorneys and Immigration Legal Services

At Michael Brooks Jimenez, PC law firm, we are dedicated to defend the rights of our community. We specialize in immigration cases and other legal areas. Our multicultural and multilingual team is trained to address complex cases involving various areas of law. We believe in helping those that contribute positively to our country to stay with their families and keep working in the US. We offer assistance in Spanish to provide that is more accessible to you and your loved ones.


Our immigration practices includes, but is not limited to, immigration issues related to family law, green card applications, H1-B visas, applications for citizenship and naturalization, employment visas and complex cases of deportation.


We are the only law firm that focuses on the consequences that criminal cases can impose on their immigration status, as we have lawyers who specialize in several areas of practice and can offer you legal advice in complex cases where their migration process is affected by a criminal record or a felony.


The United States has a really large Spanish speaking population, as many permanent residents have brought their families through immigration, legal or otherwise. To provide you with a better service, and because we care about the attorney- client relationship, you will have access to a lawyer who can speak English or Spanish fluently, without the need of translators.


If you are located in special circumstances, our firm is uniquely qualified to manage cases that intersect with other areas of practice; for example, we often handle cases of criminal defense and immigration together as part of the same service legal. We can process visas (including the special cases qualified individual), residence applications, deferred action, and citizenship applications. This includes: green cards, applications VAWA, H2B, and more.

Some of the special cases that we've helped in the past include:

  • Residence application if you have a criminal record.
  • Maintain your residence or citizenship even if you are going through a divorce.
  • To apply for special visas for those who have suffered domestic violence, human trafficking or related crimes.
  • To regularize their immigration status without having to leave the country.

Businesses that employ immigrants must have all their documents in order, especially in the case of an audit I-9. Our specialized team can make sure that all your employees have the correct documentation and that you are prepared in case of an audit.

There are many immigration lawyers in Oklahoma, but few with our commitment and experience in immigration legal services, especially in those cases in which they intersect with criminal law or family law. Whether you are looking for legal support for immigration cases personal, family, or if it is for an employee or a job opportunity, we have the perfect team to advise and support you during your immigration process.


In October 2000, Congress created the T visa to approve the Law on the Protection of Victims of Trafficking and Violencethat also included the Law for the Protection of Women Battered Immigrants. These are the specific requirements of the T visa that must be met to qualify for this humanitarian visa.

Let us help you with
  • Immigration family and the individual
  • Immigration, trade and labour
  • Applications for U.s. Citizenship
  • Visas and Status


The accredited representatives are not attorneys and, if they must demonstrate some knowledge to register as accredited representatives, it is possible that you do not have the knowledge or the experience to help you with an application process complex, an adjustment of status or immigration cases, which is also mixed with the criminal law or family law. We recommend you seek professional legal assistance for your immigration needs legal

Benefits T-Visa


Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, drugs, DUI or any other crime, or if you have a family member that needs assistance with an order of detention of immigration or an immigration bond, please contact us as soon as possible to protect their rights and the rights of their loved ones.

Attorneys Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P. C. is notable for its constant commitment in the defense and protection of the interests of our clients. We have a team exclusively dedicated to the practice of criminal law, what distinguishes us as the only specialized firm in our area to address in a comprehensive way criminal cases, and immigration.

Our experience and comprehensive approach allow us to provide full legal and customized service to address the complexities of both the criminal and immigration law, securing the best legal representation for our clients in all stages of their cases.


Personal Injury Attorneys

What can I expect from a claim for personal injuries?

Our lawyers are experts in personal injury, so if you have suffered any type of accident or injury, we will advise you on your rights as a victim and if you have the right to compensation.

Personal injury cases take time to be processed through the legal channels, so we do not promise immediate results.

We will fight for the compensation you deserve to help you overcome your injury.


Workers ' Compensation Attorneys

What can I expect from the workers ' compensation?

As with any trauma, you can expect that there will be changes. There will be storm, but also there will be calm after the storm.


If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on the job, either a single event or cumulative trauma, we present the claim. We create a list of what has been affected, and the court will assign a case number. Gather your documents, speak with your employer, we are going to the court and we will work until we get the compensation you deserve.

We will work to get, not just the temporary compensation that you deserve, but also the lost wages compensation for disability, short term and long term medical expenses, medications, and access to the medical attention you need. To provide you with the best personalized service, we visit your home or hospital if you cannot come to our office.

Benefits of working with Michael Brooks-Jimenez, P. C.

  • Make sure that your rights are protected  You have rights, regardless of their history with the law, or your immigration status. We will fight and we will advocate for you to ensure that those rights are protected and respected.
  • Get the legal representation you deserve Are you worried about where to start? You need the best legal representation to guide their decision making. We can help.
  • Peace of mind Without the support of a guide, professional legal, the legal process can become more complicated and long. Let us take away this of the hands.
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